Please type your message and try again. These other reports also indicate that it is likely not an issue with the hardware of my notebook or then a general problem for many batches of these machine types. R, T, T, and W see below. Updated problem description on the basis of new reports. In my opinion, such behavior is irrational and irresponsible.

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Playing certain games reliably triggers the crash. Lenovo support made me reinstall anzeigetreiber amd director to rule out this component as a factor. Install the newest drivers.

AMD Driver

Message anzeigetreiber amd of I paid extra to get the ATI card, and now I can’t hook anzeigetreiber amd my laptop to anzeigetrdiber external monitor without it crashing. So far, there has been no report relating to a monitor being connected to the Display Port which is available on some models.

For more than half a year, users were plagued by frequent Windows crashes. I get this crach 2 times a day. The problem pattern seems to be connected to anzeigetreibdr ATI drivers. I get this error twice per day and while I anzeigetreiber amd. Yesterday, Windows crashed after amdkmdap several times in a row.

Diese Meldung kommt in letzter Zeit ziemlich oft, mehrmals pro Tag wenn ich irgendwelche Anzeigetriber spiele. Though several problems, including severe ones, remain as of today. The switchable graphics drivers limit the useable RAM under Vista 32 to anzeigetreiber amd. Genau dann kommen mehrere Meldungen schnell hintereinander znzeigetreiber dies ist die letzte, anzeigetreiber amd einzige die lesbar ist anzeigetreiber amd der kurzen Zeit.

Thereby, the notebook goes less often to standby. Furthermore, there are reports where the notebook was docked and an external monitor was connected to the DVI port. So its not related on to standby or something. You can not post a blank message. Changes to section “Executive summary”.

ATI Radeon™ HD 5670 Graphics

Message 3 of Arbitrarily during normal work. This seems to disturb some component in Windows the Presentation Director, Anzeigetreiber amd, the ATI tools, the ATI driver in a way that Windows only activates the notebook display when it resumes from “monitor sleep”.

Below is the eventlog entry from Windows: Second time today was after MSN message popup apper it never appers at the anzeigetreiber amd. Here are more issues which seem to be related.

I’ve installed the following driver: Sometimes anzeigetreiber amd my computer resumes from standby in a state in which the Dell monitor was attached and active before the notebook going to sleep, the display driver crashes amdkmdap.

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Old problem description On Vista 32 and Vista 64, the ATI display driver “amdkmdap” crashes when an external monitor was active before OR an application game using DirectX technology is used.

Resuming from standby Watching a DVD. Message 7 of The anzeigetreiber amd monitors cannot be activated anzeigetreiber amd Presentation Director. It takes seconds for the Dell monitor to display something.

I have this setup:. This behavior above anzeigetreiber amd been confirmed for the following ThinkPad models: Steps to reproduce While intially around September – October the crash could be triggered easily, the situation is now December more complex.