Here are some screenshots of the recdisc. Can anyone interpret the meaning — What is the “file specified” and what is error 0x? There is another related local account in advanced system settings. Hope this helps, Shawn. I’m quite sure I followed your directions to the “T” in this tutorial and your “Take Ownership Of” and “Set Permissions” tutorials, although I’m not totally sure of the account I chose for ownership and permissions.

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After reading and following instructions meticulously, at the critical pre-CD-burning sceptre x20wg, I received the error message in this post’s title. Your information will not be shared with other companies. Would you have any suggestions? Live account, administrators, and the trusted installer have sceptre x20wg permissions, except the special permissions. If you didn’t already know, you will still be able to use your USB drive as normal.

Product Registration

If your Sceptre Product needs to be send in for Service in the sceptre x20wg, you will still need to provide copy of your Product Invoice for Warranty verifications purposes. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sydney Australia Posts 2, As creating a system repair disc in Win8 is not exactly intuitive, I searched help and landed here sceptre x20wg.

I did create a partition using 7 disc sceltre for 8 installation. Thanks sceptre x20wg answering SIW2. Is this do to the fact that I picked my. It is my default.

System Repair Disc – Create in Windows 8 Tutorial | Windows 8 Help Forums

Windows scpetre Repair Disk Brink said: I’m in need of help. View attachment View attachment Sceptre x20wg that a task sequence error?

Thanks for pointing that out. F8 didn’t bring anything up.

System Repair Disc – Create in Windows 8. I have updated the tutorial for how to download and replace this now non-working recdisc. Thread starter Brink Start date Oct 3, You need to show hidden files in folder options to see it. Registration can serve as verification of your ownership in the event of product theft or loss. Please note that all information gathered from this Registration process are strictly for Sceptre’s internal use only.

Eh, may be one of those x20gw issues that may get sorted in the next release. I’m quite sure I followed sceptre x20wg directions to sceptre x20wg “T” in this tutorial and your “Take Ownership Of” sceptre x20wg “Set Permissions” tutorials, although I’m not sceptre x20wg sure of the account I chose for ownership and permissions.

Hello Redactor, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Live account that I sign in with. I must have confused it with the recovery disc. If I get the time I might be able to knock up a little app. The parameter is incorrect. System One OS 8. Sceptre x20wg certainly hope so Is there a hidden folder sceptre x20wg your win8 drive called Recovery? Can anyone interpret sceptre x20wg meaning — What is the “file specified” and what is error 0x? Avalon Away for a bit Member.

Please take a moment to register your Sceptre Product which will entitles you to the following: A created bit system repair disc can sceptre x20wg be created in a bit Dceptre 8, and used to repair a bit Windows 8. What’s new New posts Latest activity.

A system repair disc cannot be used to install Windows 8. For more information, please read Sceptre’s Online Privacy Policy.