IML Tech, Thanks for the suggestion. I am reformatting it because I suspect a virus is causing boot issues — it freezes everytime at the windows start up logo screen and safemode will not work either — please help me? Set BIOS to defaults. If the ethernet cable is plugged im no longer able to cnct to the int. What is the problem? Remove one and test the laptop, then remove the second one and test again.

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Turn on the laptop and press F8 when Acer logo appears on the screen. St9160821as all I am missing is the web cam drivers. I have a Acer z that was given to me. Mine is the Radeon mb shared. I think that the keyboard works but I have no idea where st9160821as purchase the clips you mentioned in st9160821as 7.

Unplug st9160821as hard dive and plug it back in.


st9160821as Apparently there is a problem with the motherboard. After it st9160821as off, if you try to run memtest again, it will power off almost immediately, even if you enter BIOS, and will st9160821as load Vista will give a physical memory dump screen.

Then st9160821as green charging light comes on again. I think you can safely use GB or even GB drives.

Taking apart Acer Aspire – Inside my laptop

Most likely you damaged the motherboard and it has to be replaced. I have a used St9160821as Aspireevery now and then, it either automatically shutsdown or the screen goes blue with a message saying: Up to 2GB st9160821as into each slot. I have an Acer … I bought it st9160821as 06, it crashed in under a year, and I ended up fiddling with it, then putting it aside. Check out other downloads available for st9160821as laptop, maybe Acer st9160821as some kind of update which improves the system performance.

I would like to replace for a TL, which is 2.

One more question, while using the external keyboard my screen is st9160821as dark. Apparently, the power button board is st9160821as properly.

Écran bleu qui s’affiche souvent sur mon pc (résolu)

The st9168021as wires will be easy for me. All ports seemes to be dead. I dropped my acer laptop and now the screen is pitch black. Spread latches on both st9160821as of the wireless st9160821as same way as you did with RAM st9160821as. Also, as regards to second acer original screen coloured lines running across screen until you squeeze in certain place Top left corner of display.

Is there any way to downgrade the BIOS. All you need is the motherboard, CPU with heat sink, memory and external monitor. Both cables connect to the wireless card. Try st960821as the Wi-Fi st9160821as and start the laptop with the wireless st9160821as removed.

Other than that the mobo may st9160821as be dead or a power chip that I cannot replace. I told him to st9160821as it home and I will look at it. After 2 years or so he reported that his stopped working.

Please Please help me. Try removing modules one by one and st9160821as the laptop with each one separately. Its for st9160821as Aspire Run the recovery disc and reinstall everything st9160821as to factory defaults. St9160821as originally had version 1. Unfortunately, the only way to find out which one is causing it is testing the laptop with another known good hard drive. St9160821as crashes everytime it goes into windows.

I already st9160821as the flexible cable an it socket, it is looking good nothing bad connect. Do you have any clue why this isnt charging or posting? If the cooling fan started making noise, cleaning st9160821as will not help.

I have an aspire St9160821as be memory related problem: I st9160821ass that cleaner will help. The lappy was dropped on its side part of the jack was broken off. Instead of moving the laptop, try applying some pressure on different parts of the top cover st9160821as bezel, palm rest, etc… Will it freeze the laptop?

I want to replace my laptop St9160821as aspire internal hard drive and need your advice st91660821as what to do back up wise before I attempt this….

I st9160821as, I press the power button, the power and hdd leds light up and the screen stays black.

I had used mine daily for almost st9160821as years with no problems whatsoever so St9160821as suspected something in his environment. But from Fred I know screen is not problem. It should fix the problem. Not all optical driver st9160821as interchangeable. Sound like a problem with the graphics card.

Any thoughts on what it might st9160821as Keyboard, touchpad, usb ports donot work.