I spent about an hour faffing about with drivers and on forums before I came across this. If there are any updates available, Windows will automatically install them. We do know of the whole loosing its drivers problem. This is a brief summary and differences between the two Xbox receivers that you will find out on the internet. GameStop treats odd-ball hardware devices by only offering a few pennies to buy it off of someone.

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Thank you once again.

Thanks for the input! My controller is installed and working on Windows 10 64bit with the Chinese xbox wireless receiver.

Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows

Could never have done it without you…. You can run on windows 10 but you need to do some extra steps such as disable signature enforcement similar to my Original Xbox Tutorial.

This is a very well made guide, xbox 360 receiver pc helpful for specific needs. Thanks for the guide! When prompted by the driver update warning, click Yes. I worked the entire day trying to make it work.

Xbox Accessories: Wireless Adapter & Gaming Receiver, Cable – Best Buy Canada

To verify the driver is installed. Xbox Support Xbox One. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering?? Receivr it needs the right drivers! Awesome, did the manual installation since it didnt show the xbox peripherals on the list, thanks so much! Locate and double-click Xbox Wireless Receiver for Windows. This adapter from china actually xbox 360 receiver pc work!

Keep the old driver since it is the same Microsoft driver you will be using for your OEM. Firstly, connect it to the computer, the computer finds new hardware, prompts to install driver.

If you have the real receiver from Microsoft i. I have tried on both operating system 7 and 8. Chat with an Ambassador.

Once your device downloads and applies the update, try using the receiver again. Player 1 works as expected but player 2 does nothing: Ive installed the drives, and my computer detect the device, but the xbox 360 receiver pc will not pair.

This can occur because: Do you know if this still works on Windows 10 or not? As you see, inside of the wireless receiver is where all of the wireless Xbox Controllers will xbox 360 receiver pc. Skip to content The wired Xbox controller is USB, so using it for PC gaming is easy —but things get a bit more complex if you have a wireless controller.

Still a great buy for its price!

PC Wireless Gaming Receiver for XBOX Controller Black | Lazada

xbox 360 receiver pc Are the receivers pretty much useless after that? That should calm windows 10 down. Then the micro controller chip inside that dongle may have died. 3360, you could try different USB ports. If you can find it then you can uninstall it as a human interface device.

Have fun gaming out there!