20 Jan Create First Cognos Powerplay Transformer Cubes – Tutorial: Cognos Transformer is a tool to create Cognos Multidimensional cubes (MOLAP). 20 Oct PowerCubes generated by Transformer version 8.x and later can be IBM Cognos security, it can be used in IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay. IBM Cognos Transformer is a multi-dimensional data modeling component designed for use with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.

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Gather business users requirements Create a Model Plan which will include design and data requirements for the model and decide on the cube distribution methodology Select measures Plan dimensions and levels Design and develop the PowerPlay model in Transformer Create PowerPlay cubes and distribute them to the end users Analyze and explore the cube data using PowerPlay A Transformer Model tutodial be also created using a wizard with AutoDesign function or cognos powerplay transformer tutorial.

Cognos PowerPlay Transformer

tutodial Choose the first day of the week. It will be handled automatically be cognos. This options allows users for instance to report fiscal years starting from 1 March.

User Classes – define the security. Gross revenue – the source data stores sales records on a daily basis. Usually it is required to perform allocation when part of the data is available only on a higher detail level than other data.

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The data source properties window also allows users to choose the datasource type, point to the right file or database server and set up a number of processing options, like: Define measures in the PowerPlay Transformer Model After having all the powefplay defined, we can proceed and create measures.

Cognos powerplay transformer tutorial add measures to the model, follow the instructions below:. Cognos provides an automatic support for handling time dimensions which is working very well.

Our goal is to be able to compare revenue to fixed and variable costs in cognos powerplay transformer tutorial the time dimension levels available. PowerPlay Transformer application The default Cognos PowerPlay transformer window is composed of the following windows depicted on the the screenshots below. We see below that fixed costs have been allocated in a constant fashion: When all dimensions and measures are set up, we will generate PowerCubes and cignos it in PowerPlay.

We will get into more details on that options later on in this tutorial. The measure will be allocated.

Cognos PowerPlay Transformer – Models and Cubes

Signons – datasource connection information. Prompt Expressions between R Dimensions and underlaying Levels are created by moving columns from the Data Cognos powerplay transformer tutorial window to the corresponding dimension column. Use Cognos 10 Business Insight-Preview and highlig Define an output PowerCube 1. Each of the dimensions will have its own levels and categories and a single drill-down path.


Follow the steps below to add a new dimension: Source data typically comes from a data warehouse, sometimes from production ERP system and in many cases includes multiple sources in order cognos powerplay transformer tutorial deliver information required by the model. Trandformer to treat a week which spans a month? Solutions for issues and Tips on customizing the c Main PowerPlay Transformer features: Cognos TransformerCognos Tutorial.

Fixed costs – calculated per the whole year. Put the PowerCube file name: The Dimensions Map after adding the products dimensions looks like depicted below: Cognos Powerplay Transformer – multiple data cognos powerplay transformer tutorial in a model with the data source definition: Product and Product Segment. Keep in mind that in that case Transformer will try to make a link between the sources based on that columns.