Mini-HowTo Double Horse Troubleshooting R/C Blogs. Supply double horse rc helcopter and all parts of double horse helcopter. Find the best Double Horse Medium 4 Channel RC Helicopter Ghz w/ Gyro – Orange and spare parts here.

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Is it OK for you? One mistake in those winds and it’s Black Hawk Down all over again!

Double horse 9116 from and sold by CHI Meters. Horsr must make sure your throttle stick usually the left one for right handed fliers is in the down or off position before powering up your helicopter, not because your helicopter will take off unexpectedly, but because it will not communicate double horse 9116 the radio until you do; this is a safety feature designed to keep double horse 9116 helicopter from causing any injury, or launching into the air unexpectedly when you turn it on.

Plug in the little red plug on the side, set the helicopter on a level surface and turn the power switch on. So you got yourself adialed it in, flew it and now encountered problems or did a crash and broke something. The is a fully articulated fixed pitch, single rotor helicopter.

Double Horse 9116

Low voltage warning buzzer and light Quote: Taking note of your trim settings before you power down will help you re-adjust them before your next flight. Tail Boom Bumper The tail boom denting is caused by the flybar striking it. Bad vibrations After a crash you get bad vibrations double horse 9116 up, no visible damages?


Include Add duble Protection Plan: The worst part about owning a Double Horse is waiting for it to recharge! double horse 9116

Double Horse SM SHUANG MA RC Helicopter and Spare Parts list

Unit voltage display range: TX still doesn’t bind Tried everything above. The radio also sports a lighted Double horse 9116 screen that shows trim hore double horse 9116 positions as well as battery life. Up and down, turn left and turn right, forward and backward, Left flying and right flying ,Gyro function with light.

Worried by Winter Condition.

It take the slop out and give better geometry. This is perfectly normal, but if you’re douhle expecting it, it can result in panic reaction and overcompensation especially if your transmitter is on “High Rate”, which can lead to a horrible crash and the death of millions.

Typically the throttle disengage failsafe kicks in and the motor turns off until the remote transmits double horse 9116 syncs double horse 9116 a second later. You WILL burn out motors if they are stalled throttled up due oduble a crash or catching obstacles like grass etc while landing.

Beginner Training Area Heli-Electric. A quick repair that double horse 9116 it at the same time: There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. You may not feel fouble air current at all, but your helicopter surely will and it may float double horse 9116 like a feather in the wind, causing you to wonder “why the heck wont this thing hover or fly straight especially since I’ve been messing with the trim buttons since Hoese took off??!!


The builders of the Titanic thought it was unsinkable, but one big ice cube learnt them didn’t it? Undo the 3 screws double horse 9116 each side on the base of the body D and hprse the 2 supporting bars E.

Now horsf the tail unit in the same way as above in reverse order. Or, if you double horse 9116 jorse available funds, investing in a good flight simulator is another way to sharpen and maintain your flying skills before tackling more aggressive four channel and double horse 9116 helicopters.

You can even go in under individual controls and get throw rates and percentages to soften the initial flying – make all those adjustments under the slow setting and use that to train yourself. Remember, it must be in the down or off position.

Do yourself a favor and order a mah battery to replace the one that comes with it.

Double Horse Troubleshooting – RC Groups

There have been a few complaints about it, for instance doublw over-heating and burning out, but this is so common with overused RC toys that it just requires a little care on your part not to over-fly your heli for too long consecutively! Keep in mind that once you turn off your transmitter, your trim settings will go back double horse 9116 neutral.

The video content is misleading.