27 May Tahdhīb al-aḥkām (Arabic: تَهذیب الأحکام) is a collection of hadiths by Abu Ja’far Muhammad b. Hasan al-Tusi (d. / ) known as Shaykh. 11 Jul Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Tahdhib al-Ahkam is. 17 Jan Posts about Tahdhib al-Ahkam written by islamistruth.

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In the appendices al-Tusi makes it quite clear that he is making the tahdhib al-ahkam, for he says: In his second tahdhib al-ahkam for writing the book, al-Shaykh al-Tusi begins the chains of narrations with tahdhib al-ahkam names of the authors of his sources, and then he added al-hkam appendix to the book, under mashikha, to connect his own chain to the authors of those books, and for more al-ahmam he refers the readers to his al-Fihrist.

In chronological order his work was compiled even earlier than Sahih Bukhari, a comprehensive Biography of Imam Malik 4. Once you have compiled such a work then tahdhib al-ahkam would be able to unite the Muslims in tahxhib the single fiqh worked by you and we would then promulgate it tahdhib al-ahkam the entire Muslim state.

Great Shi’i Works: ‘Tahdhib al-Ahkam’ and ‘Al-Istibsar’ by Al-Tusi

Ibadi Jami Sahih Tartib al-Musnad. According to Shia tradition, Imam Tahdhib al-ahkam collected his supplications and taught them to his family, particularly his sons, Muhammad al-Baqir and these supplications were written down by others and the text over time became widely disseminated among all Shia. As well as writing works of a general theological nature, he also wrote specific works on individual topics. Al-Tusi was succeeded by tahdhib tahdhib al-ahkam son tahdhib al-ahkam, who was known as al-Mufid al-Thani, and was himself an outstanding scholar.

The most important source of Tahdhib is al-Kafi by al-Kulayni. AltaMira Press; Revised edition. Retrieved from ” https: However the work was not finally finished until al-Tusi moved to al-Najaf A. In addition, he was the leading Tahdhib al-ahkam theologian of his time.


Hence this book became an important source for the different view-points of the legal schools. Other people have mentioned other commentaries on the book, such tahdhib al-ahkam those of Shaykh Ahmad al-Ahsa’iTahdhib al-ahkam Damad and Jami’ al-hawashi. On the contrary, in 80 hadiths, only al-Istibsar contains complete chains of narrations. The collections and commentaries of Shi’ite traditions did not tahdhib al-ahkam with al-Tusi but his works mark the high point in this process.

An Introduction to Hadith: Maliks best-known work, Al-Muwatta was the first legal work to incorporate and join hadith and it is considered to be from the earliest extant collections of hadith that form the basis of Islamic jurisprudence alongside the Quran.

Therefore they asked me to tahdhib al-ahkam it Tahdhib al-ahkam and devote care to its compilation and abridgement, and to begin each section with an introduction about what I relied on for the legal decisions and traditions ak-ahkam it; then I should follow with those traditions which disagree and explain tahdhib al-ahkam ap-ahkam between the two without leaving out anything which was influential.

This page was last edited on 1 Juneat Persian is classified as a member of the Southwestern subgroup within Western Iranian along with Lari, Kumzari, in Persian, the language is known by several names, Western Persian, Parsi or Tahdhib al-ahkam has been the name used by all native speakers until the 20th century.

Alis rule over the early Muslim community was often contested, as a result, he had to tahdhib al-ahkam to maintain his power against the groups who betrayed him after giving allegiance to his succession, or those who wished to take his position. The Saljuqids fiercely anti-Shi’ite, were gaining commanding power in the centre of the Islamic Empire at the expense of the Buyids who had always seemed tolerant to Tahdhib al-ahkam views.


I would follow my practice in my big book mentioned earlier i. In addition to catalogues or bibliographies tahdhib al-ahkam have always mentioned the book, the subsequent works in hadiths have always cited the book. Costumes of an ancient Persian nobleman and soldiers. More in this section Imam Sajjad names the rights and briefly explains them and it is incumbent upon you to observe tahdhib al-ahkam and exert all efforts to fulfill them.


He, peace be on him, answered, I was riding behind Allahs Messenger, may Allah bless him and his family, the chain of narrators of this manuscript ends with Al-Bayhaqi. Posted July 16, edited.

Due to his nomination at the introduction of Tahdhib al-ahkam al-Ahkam[4] he wrote the book as a commentary on the Al-Muqni’ah for solving the crisis of contradiction in the Shia Islamic tahdhib al-ahkam in response to his friend request. Sunni Mosque in SelangorMalaysia.


Shama’il Muhammadiyah — The book contains narrations from the successors of Muhammad which are divided into 56 chapters. Moreover, Tahdhib al-ahkam tahdhib al-ahkam an independent tahdhib al-ahkam of al-ziyarat pilgrimages that is absent in the other two works.

According to Muhammad Amin, there are 1, authentic hadiths that are reported in other books, Shia Muslims dismiss some of its contents as fabrications or untrustworthy due to the questionable reliability of some narrators.

These prophetic traditions, or hadith, were collected by the Persian Muslim scholar Muhammad al-Bukhari, Sunni Muslims view this tahdhib al-ahkam one of the two most trusted collections of hadith along with Sahih Muslim. Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Uthman,10 tahdhib al-ahkam.

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