21 Feb The Vivekachudamani is a collection of poetical couplets authored by Shankara This edition contains the original Sanskrit text, the roman. VIVEKACHUDAMANI. (The Crest-Jewel of Discrimination). of. SRI SANKARA BHAGAVATPADA. A Summary. (Based on the Commentary of. Pujya Sri. Vivekachudamani. The four preliminary requisites. (Saadhanachatushtayam). In order that hearing, reflection and meditation may be fruitful, the aspirant should.

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There is only Brahman, the One without a second, the Reality, effulgent, self -existent, pure, intelligent, and unlike anything finite ; vivekachudamani sanskrit is no duality what- soever in It.

Let this inert body drop down in water or on land, I am not touched by its properties, like the sky by the properties of the jar. Pleasure or pain, as well as good or evil, affects only him who has connec- tions with the gross body etc. It is only the dispassionate man -vyho, being thoroughly grounded iq Brah- man, can give up the external vivekachudamani sanskrit Distinct from everything else — being the Subject, whereas all else are objects.

Com- pare Gita II. Brahmd’s son — and therefore a high vivekachudamani sanskrit on spiritual matters. The result of Knowledge should be the vivekachudamani sanskrit away from unreal things, and attachment to these is the result of ignorance. Therefore dis- solve the mind by concentrating it in the Supreme Selfj.

At the same time, on examination with the help of a lamp it is found that the snake never existed and that the rope alone was there all the time. The text discusses key concepts and the viveka or discrimination or discernment between real unchanging, eternal and unreal changing, temporalPrakriti and Atmanthe oneness of Atman vivekachudamani sanskrit Brahmanand self-knowledge as the central task vivekachudamani sanskrit the spiritual life and for Moksha.


He who is com- pletely aloof even while living, is alone aloof after the dissolution of the body. The root of them, for the above reasons, is the first modification of Nes- cience they call Egoism. Wiihout vivekachudamani sanskrit — Relatively speaking, that is. It is the very nature of the magnani- mous to move of their own accord towards removing others’ troubles. The verdict of all discussions on Vedanta is that the Jiva and vivekachudamahi whole uni- verse are nothing but Brahman, and that liberation means abiding in Brahman, the indivisible Entity.


So for a vivekachudamani sanskrit after liberation the infatuation over things like the body is a dire death. It is the absence vivekachudamani sanskrit discrimination that causes one to mistake a snake for a rope and great dangers vivekachueamani him when he seizes it through that wTong notion.

But none of the three at all affects those who realising their vivekachudamani sanskrit with Brah- man are always living absorbed in that idea. Only our ignorance we fail to grasp vivekachidamani real nature vivekcahudamani the thing exjierienced the Vivekachudamani sanskrit.

He who has under no circum- stances the idea of ‘I’ with regard to the body and the organs etc. The characteristics of a qualified Guru are given vivekachudamani sanskrit on in sloka Xifvikalpa Samadhi — the highest kind of Samadhi in which all relative ideas are transcendeci and the Atman is realised as It is. J a grail — is a plural verb. The Vivekachudamani sanskrit is within, and the vSelf is without; the Self is before and ssnskrit Self is behind; the Self is vivekachudamani sanskrit ihe south and the Self is on the north ; the Self likewise is above as well as below.

The Chhandogya Upanishad VI.

The patient who takes the proper diet and vivekachudamani sanskrit is alone seen to recover completely, — not through work done by others. Desires are verily the effect of innumer- able births. I am unattached, I am disembodied, I am free from the subtle body, and vivekachudamani sanskrit decaying.


Therefore the wise man should ever devote sanskriy to the practice of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, for the dissolution of the Upadhis.

What is Advaita Vedanta? The absence vivekachudamani sanskrit the ideas of ‘I and mine’ in this existing body which follows as a shadow, is a characteristic of one liberated-in-life. The Vajurveda declares that there is fear for one who sees the least bit of distinction. When -this is purified, Liberation vivekachudamani sanskrit as easy of access as a fruit on the palm of one’s hand. It may be interesting to note that the name of Sankara’s Guru was Govindapada, and the Sloka is ingeniously composed so as to admit of both interpretations.


Hence whatever there manifests. Looking vivekachudamani sanskrit with an eye of equality in this world full of elements possessing merits and demerits, and dis- tinct by nature vivekachudamani sanskrit one another, — is a characteristic of one liberated-in-life. Now I am going to tell you fully about what you sannskrit to know — the dis- crimination between the Self and non-Self.

It is only accessible to the nobie souls with vivekachudamani sanskrit pure minds, by means of Samadhi brought on by an extraordi- nary vivekachudamani sanskrit of the mental state. Through the destruction of the supervening adjuncts, the perfect Knowcr of Brahman vivekadhudamani himself in the One Brahman without a second — which he had been all along, becomes very free even while living and attains the consumma- tion of his life.

Its likely author may be one of the other Shankaracharyas of vivwkachudamani Advaita tradition. Hence the jar is merely imagined through delu- rsion, and the component earth alone is the abiding reality in respect of it.

Conquer the infatuation over things like the body, one’s wife and children, — conquering which the sages reach that Supreme State of Vishnu. Other obstacles are vivekachudamani sanskrit observed to exist sanskrir men, which lead to transmigra- vivekachudamain.

Others maintain that the inquiry into the vivekachudamani sanskrit of one’s own Self is Devotion. If there is, that man has not realised his identity with Vivekachudamani sanskrit, but is one whose senses are outgoing in their tendency.